Productsoort: Stock

Markt Euronext Brussels

Classification Financial Instrument

E = Aandelen
S = Gewone/gewone aandelen
V = Voting
U = Free
F = Fully paid
N = Bearer/Registered


Bedrijfssector 30, Financials
SuperSector 3020, Financial Services
Sector 302020, Investment Banking and Brokerage Services
Subsector 30202010, Asset Managers and Custodians

Trading Information

Valuta EUR
Hoeveelheidsnotatie Aantal units
Uitstaande aandelen 3 603 536
Handelsgroep A1
Soort Continuous

Trading Information

Personal equity saving plan : Eligible to PEA

Deferred Settlement Service : Instrument neither eligible for the SRD, nor eligible for the Loan and Lending Market

Compartment C (Small Cap)