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IPO date
tir 07/06/2005
IPO price
7,50 euros
IPO type
Initial Public offering
Operation procedure

Initial reference price: will be the definitive offer price that will be determined on 03-06-2005 after 4 p.m. and published in the financial press on 6 June 2005. Thresholds of listing As provided in the ETA Nr 2004-433 dated 20 September 2002, the static price range will be set at +/-20% around the reference price. If the price is outside the static price range the stock will be reserved during 15 minutes. The new reference price used will be the threshold (up or down) reached previously. The static price range will be set at +/- 10% of this new reference price. This procedure will be repeated until an opening price will be established. At the opening of the security, the opening price will be the new reference price with a static price range of +/-10% and a dynamic price range of +/-5%. Usual trading rules in term of thresholds and of reservation period will be applied. When Issued: according to the terms of the offering described in the prospectus, investors have to be aware that the offered shares must be delivered on 9 June 2005. Euronext Brussels has indicated that it will cancel all transactions realized on the regulated market Eurolist by Euronext Brussels if the offered shares are not delivered on 9 June 2005. The attention of the public is drawn upon the fact that, from the first listing of the shares on the regulated market Eurolist by Euronext Brussels and until 9 June 2005, it has to take into account the eventuality as described above for every operation that it intends to realise through Euronext or over the counter.

Operation description

Listing on the continuous market - Group A1 - Compartment C

- A maximum of 30 million EUR new shares with VVPR strips, cp 1 and following attached, that have been offered in public subscription as from 23 May 2005 till 3 June 2005. These shares will be mentioned in the price list with the mention WI until 9 June 2005 included (“When Issued”: cf infra).

- As the case being and at the latest until 30 days starting from 07-06-2005 a maximum of 4.5 million EUR additional shares granted to cover over-allotments.

- 9,863,420 existing shares.

- On a later to be determined date: a maximum of 1,005,637 new shares coming from the possible exercise of warrants offered within the framework of the warrant plans dated 1999, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

The shares will be issued in denominations of 1, 10 and 100.

N.B.: Until delivery of the physical shares, the settlement will only take place in a book-entry form through CIK (Transfer between accounts).

The VVPR strips will not be listed on the regulated market Eurolist by Euronext Brussels but can be traded on the Public Auction market.

Operation calendar

- 3 June 2005: Fixing of the price for the private placement - 7 June 2005: First trades of new and existing shares on a «if and when issued and delivered» basis - 9 June 2005: Settlement for the private placement and the first trades

Price range
7,50 euros - 10 euros