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Fixed Line Telecommunications
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Data IPO
Mar 13/03/2007
Tipologia IPO

Global Placement and Open Price Offer

Prezzo IPO
17.00 euros
Tipologia IPO
Initial Public offering

Global Placement procedure - Number of shares: a maximum of 6,271,677 shares representing 90% of the Offer (before Greenshoe exercise) - Bookrunner(s): Natexis-Bleichroeder, Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking Open Price Offer procedure - Subscription mainly open to Retail investors - Number of shares: a minimum of 696,853 shares representing 10% of the Offer (before Greenshoe exercise)

Descrizione dell'operazione

Admission on Eurolist by Euronext:
- a number of 14,297,788 existing shares representing the outstanding capital of OUTREMER TELECOM and,
- a maximum number of 1,768,530 new shares by way of public offering,
- a maximum number of 5,133,682 new shares from the exercise of Convertible Bonds and Stock Warrants, issued in 2004 and 2005.
These new shares will be issued the day of IPO, March 13th, 2007.

A maximum number of 6,968,530 shares will be offered to public by the way of a Global Placement and an Open-Price Offer (OPO). This number of shares may rise by 981,470 existing shares in case of Greenshoe exercise.

Greenshoe: A Greenshoe will be granted by transferring shareholders to the Underwriters Natexis-Bleichroeder and Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking. They will have the possibility of acquiring or caused to be acquired at the offer price, until 12 April 2007 inclusive, a maximum number of 981,470 existing shares (which represent about 14% of the total number of
shares offered in the framework of Global Placement and OPO).

The OUTREMER TELECOM shares will be admitted temporarily on Eurolist by Euronext under the title "OMT-PROMESSES".


- Period of the Placement: from February 27, 2007 to March 12, 2007 (19:30) - Period of the Offer: from February 27, 2007 to March 12, 2007 (19:30) - First quotation: March 13, 2007 - Beginning of trading: March 14, 2007 - From March 14, 2007 and until March 16, 2007 inclusive: trading of new and existing shares on a single quotation line "OMT-PROMESSES" under the ISIN code FR0010425587 and mnemonic "OMT" - As of March 19, 2007: the OUTREMER TELECOM shares will be quoted under the title "OUTREMER TELECOM", code ISIN FR0010425587 (unchanged) and mnemonic "OMT" (unchanged)

Intervallo di prezzo
17.00 euros - 19.75 euros
Broker to issue

SOCIETE GENERALE Corporate and Investment Banking