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ContractUnsorted CodeUnsorted Products family Underlying Isin
BAWAG Group AG - Stock Future BU6 Aksjeforwards AT0000BAWAG2
BAYER - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) BY7 Aksjeforwards DE000BAY0017
Bayer AG - Stock Future BY6 Aksjeforwards DE000BAY0017
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG - Stock Future BW6 Aksjeforwards DE0005190003
BE Semiconductor Industries NV - Stock Future WQ6 Aksjeforwards NL0012866412
Beiersdorf AG - Stock Future BD6 Aksjeforwards DE0005200000
BHP Group - Stock Future BH6 Aksjeforwards GB00BH0P3Z91
Bilfinger SE - Stock Future BG6 Aksjeforwards DE0005909006
BMW - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) BW7 Aksjeforwards DE0005190003
Boliden - Stock Future DD6 Aksjeforwards SE0015811559
Boskalis Westminster NV, Kon - Stock Future BO6 Aksjeforwards NL0000852580
BP - Stock Future BP6 Aksjeforwards GB0007980591
Brenntag SE - Stock Future BQ6 Aksjeforwards DE000A1DAHH0
British American Tobacco - Stock Future TB6 Aksjeforwards GB0002875804
BT Group - Stock Future BT6 Aksjeforwards GB0030913577
CaixaBank SA - Stock Future CB6 Aksjeforwards ES0140609019
Capricorn Energy - Stock Future CY6 Aksjeforwards GB00BN0SMB92
Carlsberg B - Stock Future QI6 Aksjeforwards DK0010181759
Ceconomy - Stock Future ME6 Aksjeforwards DE0007257503
Centrica - Stock Future CC6 Aksjeforwards GB00B033F229
Chr. Hansen Holding - Stock Future HL6 Aksjeforwards DK0060227585
Clariant - Stock Future CK6 Aksjeforwards CH0012142631
Coloplast B - Stock Future CJ6 Aksjeforwards DK0060448595
Commerzbank AG - Stock Future CM6 Aksjeforwards DE000CBK1001
Compagnie Financiere Richemont - Stock Future FX6 Aksjeforwards CH0210483332
Compass Group - Stock Future CQ6 Aksjeforwards GB00BD6K4575
Credit Suisse Group - Stock Future CZ6 Aksjeforwards CH0012138530
CRH PLC - Stock Future CX6 Aksjeforwards IE0001827041
Daimler AG - Stock Future DU6 Aksjeforwards DE0007100000
Danske Bank - Stock Future DK6 Aksjeforwards DK0010274414
Davide Campari-Milano NV - Stock Future DC6 Aksjeforwards NL0015435975
DEUTSCHE BANK - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) DB7 Aksjeforwards DE0005140008
Deutsche Bank AG - Stock Future DB6 Aksjeforwards DE0005140008
Deutsche Boerse AG - Stock Future BR6 Aksjeforwards DE0005810055
DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) LU7 Aksjeforwards DE0008232125
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - Stock Future LU6 Aksjeforwards DE0008232125
DEUTSCHE POST - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) DP7 Aksjeforwards DE0005552004
Deutsche Post AG - Stock Future DP6 Aksjeforwards DE0005552004
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) TK7 Aksjeforwards DE0005557508
Deutsche Telekom AG - Stock Future TK6 Aksjeforwards DE0005557508
Diageo - Stock Future DO6 Aksjeforwards GB0002374006
Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion SA - S DI6 Aksjeforwards ES0126775032
Drax Group - Stock Future DX6 Aksjeforwards GB00B1VNSX38
DSM NV, Koninklijke - Stock Future DS6 Aksjeforwards NL0000009827
DSV - Stock Future DV6 Aksjeforwards DK0060079531
E ON SE - Stock Future EO6 Aksjeforwards DE000ENAG999
E.ON - STOCK FUTURE (Physical) EO7 Aksjeforwards DE000ENAG999
Ebro Foods SA - Stock Future EB6 Aksjeforwards ES0112501012
Electrolux B - Stock Future ET6 Aksjeforwards SE0016589188
Elekta B - Stock Future KT6 Aksjeforwards SE0000163628