Type Warrants/Certificates

Marché Euronext Paris

Classification CFI

R = Entitlements (Rights)
F = Mini-future certificates, constant leverage certificates
S = Actions
T = Barrier underlying based
C = Long
A = American

Information générale

Issuer Name SG ISSUER
Product / Underlying type Stocks
Underlying ISIN FR0000034639
Exercice Type American
Trading Type Continuous
Knock out barrier 6.01384545752
Price Multiplier 1
Quantité exprimée en Unité monétaire


Product Turbo long
Product Segment Leverage product with knock out barrier
Risk Leverage
Strategy Bull

Trading information

Total number of Instruments 100 000
Issue price currency EUR
Strike price currency EUR
Second Strike price currency EUR
Settlement type Cash
Excercice date from 04/06/2019
Groupe de cotation IZ
Trading Lot 1
First trading date 04/06/2019
Price multiplier 1
Quantité exprimée en Unité monétaire