Symbol Name ISIN Exchange Market Type
$1,200,000,000 7.5 per cent. Non-Step-Up Non-Cumulative Contingent Convertible Perpetual Preferred Tier 1 Securities XS1951093894 Global Exchange Market XEYE Bonds
$30,000,000 SOFR Floating Rate Notes Due 2025 XS2473540180 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
110,800,000 USD Fix to Floater Rate Notes due to 10th May 2024 XS1378969072 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
16 Telecom Italia S.p.A Credit Linked Certificates due 08 July 2024 XS1061607757 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
1845 MAX LONG BARRIER CAP DIGITAL CERTIFICATES on EURO STOXX 50® Index due 04.07.2023 XS1834051796 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
237,196 MAX LONG CAP CERTIFICATES on EURO STOXX® Select Dividend 30 Index due 01 July 2024 XS1620780624 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
3,000 Units of Euro 1,000 Fixed Coupon Autocall Certificates Based Upon the Worst Performing of BNP Paribas S.A., Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. and Societe Generale S.A. XS2407724421 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
45,262,000 EUR Zero Coupon Notes due to 25th May 2026 XS1394283078 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
50 STANDARD LONG BARRIER PLUS CERTIFICATES on Telecom Italia S.p.A. Share due 30 April 2025 XS1619645226 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
60,424,000 EUR Fix to Floater Rate Notes due 17.02.2025 XS1534969511 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
AUD 13,000,000 2.91% Fixed Rate Notes due 2034 XS2085704711 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
AUD 20,000,000 3-month BBSQ + 1% Floating Rate Notes due 2024 XS2026200357 Euronext Dublin XMSM Bonds
BBSRN BST 0%280CT30 PTBSRNOM0019 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
BBSRG BST 0,412% 5JUL29 PTBSRGOM0034 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
BBSRC BST 0,639% 4MAR29 PTBSRCOM0038 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
BBSRF BST 0.652%26JUL23 PTBSRFOE0019 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
BBSRK BST 0.875% 25APR24 PTBSRIOE0024 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
BBSRJ BST 1,25%26SEP27 PTBSRJOM0023 Euronext Lisbon XLIS Bonds
Bouqeron 2020-1 EUR 78,100,000 Class A Credit Linked Notes due 2040 XS2273175070 Global Exchange Market XEYE Bonds
Bouqeron 2020-1 EUR 89,500,000 Class B Credit Linked Notes due 2040 XS2273175666 Global Exchange Market XEYE Bonds