Contract code RSO
Unit of trading Twenty tonnes
Pricing unit/quotation (= price basis) Euro and euro cents per tonne
Origins tenderable Any origin
Quality Crude degummed rapeseed oil of good merchantable quality, guaranteed unbleached, produced from non-GM double zero rapeseed varieties as per EU regulations of sound, loyal and merchantable quality, all duties and taxies paid, and meeting the following specifications:
- f.f.a (as oleic acid, calculated on a molecular weight of 282) maximum 1.75%
- Moisture, volatile matter and impurities maximum 0.4%
-  Erucic acid maximum 2%
- Flashpoint minimum 250°F (121°C)
- Lecithin (expressed in phosphorus): maximum 300 ppm
Minimum price movement (tick size and value) 25 Euro cents per tonne (€5)
Delivery months September, December, March and June such that ten delivery months are available for trading.
Introduction of new expiry months First trading day following the last trading day.
Wholesale services Against Actuals, Exchange for Swaps
Euronext market Paris
Last trading day 18:30 on the last business day of the calendar month immediately preceding the delivery month.
Settlement (Delivery) FOB barge or sea vessel at one of the following designated ports: Amsterdam, Rotterdam in The Netherlands, Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium.
Delivery period Loading can commence on any business day from the tender day up to five business days before the end of the specified delivery month.
Exchange Delivery Settlement Price (EDSP) (methodo price) EDSP as a physically delivered contract (please refer to the technical specifications)
Clearing organization LCH SA
Delivery limits Delivery limits are set by LCH S.A. and are published 80 days before the last trading day and are applicable for 12 days before the last trading day of the delivery month. Please refer to the LCH S.A. notices on the website.
Trading hours 10:45 – 18:30 CET
Trading platform Optiq
Algorithm Central order book applies a price-time trading algorithm, with priority given to the first order at the best price.
Last update 28 May 2019